Secure Guest Print

Enable convenient printing!


Even if you've already optimised the security of your print infrastructure, letting visitors print their documents may still be a challenge. Secure Guest Print makes it easy for visitors to print from their mobile devices in a secure way. Perfect for hotels, libraries, the educational sector and more, Secure Guest Print can help any business stay secure while giving guests and visitors the print capability they need.

How to get started

As the Workplace Pure administrator, simply follow these steps:

  1. Workplace Pure generates a public e-mail address for the guest print. If you need a company-specific address, you can create your own and forward this to the address that’s been generated by the system.
  2. You hand out this e-mail address to your guests.
  3. Your guests send an e-mail to this address (with the document they want to have printed as an attachment).
  4. They will receive an access code as response.
  5. With this code your guests can go to any connected device where Workplace Pure is installed and enter the code.
  6. Now they can decide whether they want to print out the e-mail and/or the attachment.


Supported formats for attachments: